Hemani Citrus Boost Face Cream


  • Lightens the complexion
  • Improves hydration
  • Easily absorbed
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Hemani Citrus Boost Face Cream

Super brightening and refreshing face cream is a Vitamin C boost for the skin. It is rich in natural citrus extracts, as well as contains essential oils from lemongrass and orange that rejuvenates and lightens the complexion. Lightweight formula is easily absorbed and instantly makes your skin silky smooth, healthy glowing and visibly brighter. Abundance of active ingredients deeply penetrates skin layers, nourishes and regenerates.
Citrus fruits are popular because these fruits are not only full of free-radical-neutralizing vitamin C but also for decades have been used in skincare products, because they offer effective and immediate benefits such as glowing, toned skin and brightening in case of hyperpigmentation.


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