Golden Girl Whitening Bleach Creme Trial Pack 25gm


For sensitive skin, remove the mixture with a spatula and wash with cold water. Add more creme to the mixture and reapply to the hair.

Never apply bleach after a hot bath.

Clean spatula before and after removing each ingredient. Never return mixed ingredients to jar or vial.

Skin type: All skin types


Golden Girl Whitening Cream Bleach contains a blend of bleaching and skin lightening agents. It contains an innovative Acti-White complex that gives natural fairness gently. It is a mild, non-irritant and protective-pro bleach cream that prevents burning and itching sensation. The bleach soothes the skin while enhancing the skin glow.

Whitening Creme Bleach effectively lightens age spots, freckles, moles and sunspots. It is clinically proven to regulate negative processes in the skin, decreases tyrosinase activity to diminish the appearance of dark spots as well as decreases the maturation of melanin to lighten and brighten the skin.


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