Vince Cleansing Milk Lightnix – 160ml

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  • Vince Cleansing Milk Lightnix – 160ml
  • Vince Cleansing Milk Deep Cleansing and Purifying Grape Seed Oil For All Skin Types 160ml
  • Best Milk Cleansing Product

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  • Cleansing Milk: VINCE LIGHTNIX Cleansing Milk is a mild and soft deep pore cleanser enriched with grape seed extract. It penetrates deep into the skin and helps to gently remove grime, dirt, makeup & daily impurities.

  • Key Benefits: Helps to clarify your skin & leaves a radiant look instantly. It helps in removing dead skin cells & leaves the skin glorified. Helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. It makes your skin feel visibly cleansed, purified, and nourished.

  • Directions: Take a small amount of Vince Lightnix Cleansing Milk on your palm. Apply directly on your face and start massaging then use a cotton pad to wipe off. Follow with Vince Lightening Toner.

  • What is cleansing milk used for? Cleansing milk is used to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities from the skin, while also moisturising and soothing it. The LIGHTNIX CLEANSING MILK is effective for removing dirt and impurities from the skin.

  • Is cleansing milk good for daily use? Yes, cleansing milk is generally gentle enough for daily use and can be a good option for those with dry or sensitive skin.

  • What is the difference between cleansing milk and face wash? The main difference between cleansing milk and face wash is their texture and how they work. Cleansing milk is a creamy, emollient formula that is massaged onto the skin and then removed with a cotton pad or cloth. The face wash is a foaming or gel-based cleanser that is applied directly to wet skin and then rinsed off with water.

  • Should I wash my face after using cleansing milk? It depends on the individual’s preference in skin type. Some people may prefer to rinse their face with water after using cleansing milk, while others may find that the residual milk left on the skin provides enough hydration and prefer not to rinse it off.


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