MODEX 100 Yards Waxing Roll

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The MODEX 100 Yards Waxing Roll is a high-quality waxing strip roll designed for professional hair removal. With durable construction and 100 yards of length, it offers convenience and reliability for efficient waxing sessions.

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The MODEX 100 Yards Waxing Roll is an essential tool for professional waxing treatments. Made from high-quality materials, this roll provides a generous length of waxing strip for efficient hair removal. Whether you’re performing waxing services in a salon or at home, this roll offers convenience and reliability. The durable construction ensures that each strip tears easily and evenly, making the waxing process smoother and more effective. With 100 yards of waxing strip at your disposal, you can tackle multiple waxing sessions with ease. Upgrade your waxing routine with the MODEX 100 Yards Waxing Roll for professional-quality results.


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