Making It in the Art World: Strategies for Exhibitions and Funding

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chapters walk you through it all with topics such as:

  • Evaluating your work
  • Submitting proposals to museums and galleries
  • Creating pop-up shows
  • Presenting work to the public
  • Doing it your way (DIY exhibits) 
  • Organizing events
  • Writing press releases
  • Finding collectors online and connecting
  • Using social media effectively
  • Selling online
  • Raising funds for projects
  • Getting international recognition

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 “In a remarkably useful guidebook for artists trying to find their way, the artist Brainard Carey has spelled out in a clear and concise manner a series of strategies and techniques that, taken as a whole, are the equivalent of that elusive course in real-world preparedness that most art schools gloss over or simply ignore. In addition to his thoughtful and thorough approach to the subject, Carey’s candor and complete lack of cynicism and posturing makes this book a must-read for any emerging artist.” —David A Ross, chair of MFA in Art Practice, School of Visual Arts, and former director of the Whitney Museum of American Art

About the Author

Brainard Carey is an artist and frequent lecturer on professional development for artists. He is the director of Praxis Center for Aesthetics, an online career development and support center for artists that provides educational materials as well as a community for artists and regularly brings in experts to talk about a variety of issues crucial to the development of an artist. Praxis Center also has ongoing lists of artist resources, including grants, exhibition opportunities, and more. As a working artist, he collaborates with his wife Delia Carey under the name Praxis; their work has been exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, and other venues around the world. He has written five books for artists. He also co-authors other books with Delia Carey who is a co-founder and co-director of Praxis Center. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.


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