Hemani INSTA HYDRATOR Pigmentation Repair Face Gel 50g


  • Repair Pigmented Skin with Saffron
  • Aloe Vera Beads
  • Gold Flakes
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Dream of hydrated, smooth & even toned skin with Insta Hydrator Pigmentation Repair.

Introducing WB by Hemani’s all-round instant hydrating Face Gels made with pure Aloe Vera gel to help your skin reset, repair and restart.

A lightweight hydrating gel that instantly quenches thirsty skin adding a fresh glow. Specially formulated with cooling & sunburn healing Aloe Vera Gel & Gold Flakes Infusion to boost youthful and luminous skin. Natural Saffron threads help in repairing pigmentation, blemishes & spots and Aloe Vera Beads further heal the skin.

Key features:

– Made with cooling and soothing Aloe Vera Gel
– Super hydrating, for all skin types
– Lightweight
– Infused with herbal extracts, natural-bursting beads and precious flakes
– Fresh, bouncy skin

Directions: Apply a small amount of gel in upwards and circular motion over clean, damp face, until dry. Use twice daily for effective results.


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