Glamorous Face Ready 2 Glow Facial Kit 5 In 1


Its designed to provide women with an indulgent spa facial that they can give themselves in the comfort of their own homes. Facial treatment using the products will leave your skin polished, cleansed, and feeling fresh.

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STEP 1: Gold Lust CleanserA unique blend of Gold extracts that have powerful protective properties. Helps to protect the skin from the hazards of environmental exposure. It is specially formulated to cleanse the skin from the depth of the pores.
STEP 2: Gold Lust Massage CreamThis richly enriched cream rehydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity.. It gets easily absorbed into the skin & leaves the skin soft, smooth and protects it from the dry effects of the sun.
STEP 3: Gold Lust ScrubA specially formulated cream to unmask your true complexion by scrub action. Gentle Scrub action facilitated by scrub grits removes dead epithelial cells, blackheads, whiteheads from the skin.
STEP 4: Gold Lust PolishIt is a specially formulated Polish for instant glow. It reduces visible signs of ageing & gives your skin more radiant look, giving face more shine & lusture.
STEP 5: Gold Lust Mask CreamGold Lust Mask styles you appear young and even good-looking as it comprises uncontaminated Gold: extracts benefits. With inclusion of Green Tea extract; this specially formulated blend improves skin’s elasticity with great care.


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