Glamorous face Facial Sheet Mask, for All Skin Type

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An integral part of Glamorous face , sheet masks are a portable, concentrated way to address your skin’s needs.

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CHARCOAL : Charcoal Black Mask Hydrates, beautiflies and improves wrinkles, leaving the skin clean and beautiful.
GOLD : Gold Sheet Mask Improves and brightens the rough and sallow skin. leaving it fair and bright.
FRUIT FACIAL MASK : Fruit Facial Mask offers hydration and has a rich texture that is instantly absorbed into skin and replenishes nutrients.

Cleanse skin with lukewarm water. Open the mask pack, take out the maskand unfold. Apply the mask to the face and make the white pearlized film faceoutwards and the silk mask inwards to create a snug fit. Remove the whitepearlized film. Relax and leave it on for 15-20 minutes to allow the nutrientsto be fully absorbed into skin. Remove the silk mask and gently massage theessence into face until it is completely absorbed. Rinse with clear water.


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