Delay Timer Relay Disconnect Module Time Delay Switch DC 12V


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1. First, size: 6.8CM * 2.1CM
2. Second, the main chip: NE555
3. Third, the working voltage: 12 volts DC

1. Power relay immediately pull, then disconnect delay 1-10s.
2. Specifically: 12v power supply to the relay, the relay immediately pull state relay output is: normally open with the public is turned off normally closed to public; wait until the delay 1-10s (adjustable), the relay is switched off in this case, the state of the relay output is: normally open and public disconnected, NC and public conduction; as long as uninterruptible power module, this state will remain.
3. the delay time is adjustable, (0 to 10 seconds)
4. Increasing the potential can increase the delay time.
5. increasing the capacitor C1 can increase the delay time
6. with input power indicator
7. with relay indicator
8. Can control AC 220V / 10A about equipment. (Maximum control equipment 2000W
9. With freewheeling protection relay.
10. The delay time formula: T = 1.1RC. For example: Capacitor 100uf, resistance 100K T = 1.1 * 100000 * 0.0001 = 11 seconds


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