Bremod Hair Developer Volume 10, 20, 30, 40 Oxidant Cream 1000ml

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  • Before using the curling iron/ hair straightener (or after softening the hair) first apply the heat protection cream onto the hair. (it’s better to apply more cream to damaged hair). The heat protection cream is effective in preserving the hair from damage, helps to strengthen your hair elasticity, give your hair 100% curly style and restore your hair.

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BREMOD mint oxidant cream contains natural lipoprotein, keratin, vitamin B5 and moisturizing factor and unique natural plants essence such as tea seed essence, sunflower essential oil and aloes essence formula, which will bring strong energy of plants to the health and color of each hair; Specially added natural color activating agent will make the color more dense and even, make the hair glister healthily and form a sebum protecting film which will protect the hair quality and hair color and contribute to more accurate and lasting hair color:

• It is of delicate fragrance. No matter which color you choose, it looks natural and refreshing. USE METHOD: use it together with color cream or bleaching powder with the proportion of 1:1. For the oxidant cream of different degrees, mix with color Cream with different color Shades


1. It shall be placed in a cool place and shall avoid direct sunlight radiation

2. Please rinse with clear water immediately in case of eye contact

Safety Instructions: The product contains hydrogen peroxide Please wear suitable gloves and take care not to contact it with eyes when using it. Please rinse with clear water immediately in case of eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and use according to instructions.

Net: 1000ml


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