RTC DS1302 Real Time Clock Module For AVR ARM PIC SMD for Arduino


Real-time clock / calendar circuit provides seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years of information, the number of days per month and leap year automatically adjust the number of days.

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The parameters of the DS1302 real-time clock module are as follows:

1.PCB is a single panel, size: 44mm*23mm*1.6mm

2. With 4 positioning holes, diameter 3.1mm

3. The backup battery is genuine celestial CR2032, voltage 3V, current 260mAh, non-rechargeable battery. Theoretical data retention time is greater than 10 years!

4. Crystal oscillator 32.768KHz, Japan imported crystal oscillator, matching capacitor is 6pF, size 2*6mm

5.DS1302 is a 8-pin in-line large-scale domestic chip. There is an IC holder under the chip, which is convenient for replacement and plugging and unloading of chips.

6. Module working voltage is compatible with 3.3V/5V, can be connected with 5V and 3.3V MCU

7. Working temperature: 0?—70?

Wiring method







1. Do not reverse the VCC and GND to avoid burning the chip.

The 2.51 MCU P0 port needs to be connected with a pull-up resistor. If your MCU does not have a pull-up resistor, you can connect the data cable to other ports.


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