PL2303 module USB-to-TTL upgrade nine brush board PL2303HX


High-accuracy voltage detection circuit, fine workmanship and durable.

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1. Charging voltage:12.6v ~ 13v
2. Over Charge voltage:4.25 ~ 4.35v
3. Over Discharge voltage: 2.3 ~ 3.0v
4. Max Working current:6 ~ 8A
5. Max peak current:10 ~ 13A
6. Internal resistance: Less than 100m?
7. Working temperature:-40 ~ +50
8. Storage Temperature:-40 ~ +80
9. Quiescent current: <30uA
10. Life cycle: more than 30000 hours
11. Resistance: Less than 45?
12. Short Circuit Protection: Protectable, Delayed self-recovery
13. Size:53 mm?17 mm?4mm/ 2.09? ?0.67??0.16?(L?W?H)
Suitable for:
– 10.8V (Rated voltage of polymer battery)
– 11.1V (18650 or 3.7V lithium battery rated voltage)
– 12.6V (Lithium battery full charge voltage)
– Strictly according to the diagram wiring: 0V (B-)/3.7V (B1)/7.4V (B2)/11.1V (B+), Otherwise it will cause damage to the chip.
– Do not mix the good battery and poor battery to use.
– The internal resistance of 3 battery capacity is closer will be better.


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