Intimo Warm Wax Avocado 800ml


Intimo Warm Wax Avocado 800ml offers effective hair removal with the nourishing benefits of avocado. Ideal for all skin types, perfect for home or professional use.

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Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with Intimo Warm Wax Avocado. This premium wax is enriched with the nourishing properties of avocado, providing effective hair removal while leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

The 800ml container ensures ample wax for multiple applications, making it ideal for both home and professional use. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, ensuring minimal irritation and maximum comfort during the waxing process. Intimo Warm Wax Avocado effectively removes even the shortest hairs, giving you long-lasting, salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.


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