Hemani Perfume Patriot White


  • Your Perfume, Your Identity
  • Scent That Lasts All Day Long
  • Layer Perfume For a Unique Scent Each Time
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Spray on pulse points (inside of the wrist and elbow, behind the ear, on the neck and collar bone).

Suggested Use:
– Apply on moisturized skin after shower, making it last even longer.
– Spray, do not rub.
– Store at room temperature, not in hot, moist places like the bathroom.

WB by Hemani’s Patriot Perfumes is a unique product developed in the name of our nation’s pride, passion, and spirit.
Inspired by the millions of Pakistani hearts, Patriot Perfumes reflect the undying passion for the nation.
A refreshing approach is adapted to blend the art of fragrances when combined together. Layering, a new concept, makes the perfume scent a unisex statement when worn together, and stands alone as a confident scent for him or her.
Uniquely crafted two head-turning fragrances, designed for layering and combining to create a scent that is exclusive to you.

For the fondness of creating unique scents, Patriot Perfumes were designed to awaken the patriot spirit of an individual and feel one and unique. With layering, the scent is unique to you, every single time.


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