Hemani Cricket Collection Sweet Spot Sports Perfume For Women


  •  Citrus, Fresh Floral Scent
  • EDP Perfume For Women
  • 50ml
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Cricket Perfume Collection
This sports perfume collection is for cricket lovers. The range consists of 2 fragrances for men and 1 for women. The perfumes are packed in a classic small hand-fitting perfume bottle, that you can carry. It is made with EDP concentrated perfume oils that make the scent last all day long.

This refreshing and sensual feminine fragrance is a juicy, tropical scent capturing the summertime beach. The delicate core of a fresh citrusy floral Neroli tied neatly to a sweet base note makes this scent a star for the one who wants to go back to the beach on a warm summer day.

This perfume is inspired by the famous summer scent Bronze Goddess Azur by Estee Lauder.

Fragrance Note 
The scent opens with soft Citrus and calming Marine that brighten the scent, drowning into a citrusy, floral heart sprinkled with Salt tying up to the beach breeze. Sweet note with creamy coconut
linger on the skin for a lasting delicate impression.
Top Note: Citrus, Marine
Middle Note: Neroli, Salt
Base Note: Sweet, Coconut


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