Hemani Cricket Collection Bouncer Sports Perfume For Men


  • Spicy, Woody Scent, Musky Base
  • Men’s Perfume
  • EDP
  • 50ml
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Cricket Perfume Collection
This sports perfume collection is for cricket lovers. The range consists of 2 fragrances for men and 1 for women. The perfumes are packed in a classic small hand-fitting perfume bottle, that you can carry. It is made with EDP concentrated perfume oils that make the scent last all day long.

This vibrant masculine fragrance is for the confident men of the new age for everyday wear. It speaks to the men who like to be the center of attraction and make a statement with their personality.

Inspired by the most-loved men’s perfume Dulhill’s Desire.

Fragrance Note
The scent opens with crisp and fresh Orange Blossom, attracting the core of the scent based on woody Vetiver balanced with deep Rose in the middle note. It lingers to a rich Vanilla and Musk releasing from the base.
Fresh Top Note: Orange Blossom
Woody Middle Note: Rose, Patchouli
Musky Base Note: Vanilla, Musk

Directions: Directly spray on pulse points (neck, wrists). Lightly 2-3 sprays around the clothes and hair, or as desired.


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