Glamorous Face Aqua Makeup Base White Casing


To create a perfect base of your skin, you should first applythe makeup baseto your forehead, cheeks, nose, and the tip of your chin.

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Use your middle and ring fingers up to the second joint and spread the base evenly with a gentle massaging motion, reaching up to around your eyes. Glamorous Face?s HD pancake foundation glides effortlessly on to the skin. Specially micronized particles are blended together as a pancake for silky. To apply the makeup base to larger areas such as your cheeks and forehead, move your fingers in broad strokes. This will prevent unevenness and help the foundation spread more smoothly and last longer. For small areas such as your eyes and nostrils, smooth the makeup into your skin in smaller, delicate strokes using your fingers. To apply using a brush, swipe brush into the foundation and buff into skin, starting in centre of face and working outward. To apply using a sponge, swipe sponge into the foundation and press into skin, starting in centre of face and working outward.


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