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Hemani Luxury Fragrance Box For Men


Set of 3 Luxury-Edition EDP Perfumes
• For Men
• 3 x 30ml Perfumes

Introducing Luxury Fragrance Box for Him which has the all-time favorite masculine scents.

Gift it to a loved one or yourself this beautifully packed fragrance set of 3 EDP perfumes. The blue packaging design makes it an ideal gift for weddings, bachelorettes, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion.

This box includes luxury editions of:

  • Exclusive Intense
  • Venturous
  • Imperative

How to wear?
Slightly moisturize your skin before spraying the perfume. This adds a long-lasting projection of the scent. Avoid spraying jewelry and keep away from sunlight.

Where to spray?
It is ideal to spray the on pulse points for longer staying perfume, like the neck, behind the ear, inside the wrists and elbows.

How much to spray?
For scent to softly linger, spray 2 – 3 times around the neck and clothes. For a stronger scent, spray not more than 5 times, only once on both the wrists, shoulders and behind the ears.

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